Company Philosophy

Harvey Medcalf, CEO & President

Arroware Industries was born with the desire to innovate and question the fabric of the Internet era. Everyday, millions of people become targets of third parties and are victimized by unwanted (and in most cases, unlawful) profiling and monitoring while using web-related services; we aim to change this.

We are peer-to-peer.

This is our Mission Statement

Our products are driven by proprietary peer-to-peer technology, and utilize top level encryption standards to give our users maximum security, while keeping them connected.

Something for everyone

LockTalk for business, myApollo for play.

We have something for everyone, ensuring that a wide spectrum of users have access to private applications. If you are looking for more information on one of our products, please visit their informative websites. Here you can learn more about our security initiatives and views on privacy issues.